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Aerial Mapping & Survey

UAV's (drones) provide a fast and cost effective means of capturing accurate up-to-date aerial data. Our spatially correct and geo-referenced mapping is an extremely effective surveying tool and because UAVs can take off from almost anywhere, they are ideally suited for bespoke projects.

Applications are wide-ranging in various industries including construction, land development, forestry, roading, infrastructure management, environmental monitoring and emergency response.

We use a high-spec New Zealand made Aeronavics BOT UAV fitted with a Sony A6000 24mp camera. Flying the UAV on an automated pre-programmed flight path, we collect flight logs and images of a site then process them through leading commercial grade photogrammetry software to produce precise geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models.


Orthomosaic Images

Spatially correct and uniform in scale, an orthomosaic image can be used to accurately measure distances.

Skylens Farm Orthomosaic
Skylens Quarry Orthomosaic
Skylens Roof Orthomosaic


Google Earth Tiles

Google Earth out of date? Our near real time high resolution tile overlays work seamlessly in Google Earth.

Skylens Google Tile


3D Models

Digital 3D files for you to download and use in your own industry specific software. Whether you require point cloud, a digital surface model or contours, our outputs are compatible with a wide range of software (including CAD and GIS).

Skylens Quarry 3D Model

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